Non Medical Life Insurance


We all want to protect our loved ones from the unexpected and ensure they are financially secure when we’re no longer around to support them. Life insurance is a reliable and affordable product that can offer that peace of mind. However; age, health problems or simply the lack of time can prevent us from obtaining the protection we require. If this is the case, a no medical life insurance policy could be the answer.

We specialize in no medical life insurance and are focused on helping Canadians under a variety of circumstances get coverage. We are contracted with all major insurers and have access to the largest selection of no medical policies.

Depending on your needs you will be able to choose from plans that offer temporary or permanent protection and feature no medical exam as well as for some plans, no health questions. Please apply for a quote to get more information on a range of choices that are available to you on the Canadian market.

What Plan is Right for You?


Whole life insurance or terms insurance? Term or term 100 insurance? We understand this can be confusing! Click here to make sense of the different types of insurance.


Key Benefits of Non Medical Life Insurance

  • Get coverage up to age 80
  • No denial due to health issues
  • Plans available for smokers
  • No hassle of a medical exam
  • Obtain your policy in days, not weeks


Got Questions?

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